About Us

As a service-leading PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly partner, PCBBox strives to manage international small-medium business of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) for 10+ years. Our headquarter is located in Guangzhou, China. We have capabilities of monthly 75,000 square meters PCB manufacturing and daily 100,000pcs boards for assembly. PCBBox was certificated by ISO9001-2008, TS16949, UL, CE, RoHS.

We strive to be your rightest partner in electronic manufacturing serivce with a commitment from creative team members. Do you agree that every electronic product has its soul, bearing the designer’s product concept, just like the Apples and Steve Jobs? Electronic product is a bridge between the customer and designer rather than a cold and ruthless object. Although they have no verbal communication, they have soul connection in between. We hope to work with you and let products say.

Our Business Scope
We perform and create a bridge, which turns your concept or design into a product and present in front of the customers by offering reliable manufacturing solutions and engineering support, including New Product Introduction (NPI), Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Casing (plastic & mental) solutions.

PCB ManufacturingComponents ProcurementPCB Assembly

Up to 20 layers
HDI, impedance controlled
3/3mil trace/spacing
Min. hole size 0.005"
Up to 10oz copper weight
Source from manufacturers/agent
COC(Certificate of Origin)
Incoming material quality control
7 SMT assembly lines
4 through hole lines
Automatic solder printer
X-ray inspection

Programming & TestEnclosureBox Build

100% electrical test
Debugging & troubleshooting
3rd injection molding
Metal & plastic
Perfect surface finish
4 box build lines
95% skillful workers
Fully in compliance with manuals
Burn in test avaliable

Our Clients
We are offering PCB manufacturing and assembly services to following big customers all over the world.

pcb customers