About Us

1. Responsive Team
To some extent, man is the vital factor to determine if you could be well served. Besides our manufacturing capabilities, our dedicated and passionate team will help you reach there. Top customer is what we are pursuiting as always! Taking PCBA as lifetime career, working effectively and enjoying fixing problem enable you to believe in that we are the one worthy your concern. That’s why we say as always:

“more than machine”

We are the most thrilled by customer recognition. Where we put in concentration, we harvest flicker of liveness. A product without soul results in a product failure. It has nothing wrong about originality or quality. However, it has no communication with the customer, no understanding of customers’ demand and inside words. It stubbornly speaks to the customers about its advantage and excellence which is not interesting for the customers. It finally ends in self-talk and being abandoned. We have more understanding to gain focus for your products.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
PCB capabilities: 75,000 square meters per month
Up to 20 layers
HDI, impedance controlled
3/3mil trace/spacing
Min. hole size 0.005"
Up to 10oz copper weight
7 SMT assembly lines
4 through hole lines
4 box build lines
Automatic solder printer
X-ray inspection
100% electrical test
Debugging & troubleshooting

3. Sense of Confidentiality
We fully count for customers’ confidentiality during the whole courses of essential business conduct. At initial stage, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with every customer to protect related interests.