Global 22 Big Brands of SMT Mounter

2017-12-22 11:35:06 PCBBox 155

There are many brands of SMT mounter in global market and the brands have different market share. According to authoritative magzine SMT report, there are over 50 brands of SMT mounter worldwide. Now let us look at popular ones below.

smt mounter 

1. Japan (6)

Brands: Panasonic, Fuji, Juki, Yamaha, Sanyo, Sony

These brands have big awareness and dominate majority of SMT market with features of high precision, cost-efficiency and stability.


2. Europe (3)

Brands: Siemens, Mydata, Assembleon

These brands are widely applied in Europe area, due to their local awareness, perfect after-sale services and efficiency.


3. USA (1)

Universal, the biggest manufacturer in this field, well-known in United States.


4. Korea (1)

Samsung, a giant company in Korea and popular in global market. It is featured as low noise, cost-efficiency and precision.


5. China (11)

Over 11 brands such as Ridong, Jingtuo etc. are mainly targeting on low-end market. Some of them are widely used in LED assembly field.


SMT mounter has a trend to become modularization and cost effective, so the profit margin will be lower and competition fiercer.