4 Ways to Recognize PCB Laminate Material

2017-11-08 15:15:15 admin 22

pcb laminate

Recognize PCB laminate through following 4 ways

(1) Dimension Stability

Inspect change or crack of X, Y-axis and Z-axis (board thickness direction) due to thermal expansion and contraction.

(2) Electrical and Water Absorption

Many insulators reduce the insulativity under hygroscopic conditions. FR-4 is better than FR-1 and XPC in dimensions, electrical and water absorption.

(3) Ductility

Copper plated through hole is a continuous crystal, with very good ductility and not like the performance of silver, carbon ink in the thermal expansion and contraction, which prone to separation of the interface and reduce the conductivity.

(4) Migration

Silver and copper are all metallic materials and are easy to oxidative. Silver is more likely to involve silver migration.

In PCB manufacturing and assembly process, quality control team should have professional skills to recognize PCB laminate quickly and abilities of finding problems and solutions.