Tips to Make Aluminum PCB Stencil

2017-10-20 19:59:05 PCBBox 147

Stencil is quite important for soldering effects control, which directly determine the performance of solder paste on PCB pads, particularly for aluminum PCB. In order to ensure thermal performance and stability, we have to make aluminum PCB stencil carefully. For example, making bigger hole size of stencil will leak more solder paste onto pads, which brings high soldering stability when PCB enduring drop test or long-time running.


Many assembly manufacturers do not pay high attention to aluminum PCB, who think aluminum PCB is very simply to make. Actually, if we meet high-end application such as head lamp of a car, aluminum PCB looks difficult. In this way, to issue a good stencil for aluminum PCB seems highly crucial. Generally, we have to use laser stencil and fulfill methods that we determine after a meeting with production team.