Leading PCB Assembly Manufacturers in UK

2017-11-21 11:25:07 PCBBox 168

Due to geographical factors, many electronic product design companies in UK would find reliable electronic manufacturing vendors locally, but actually there are limited options to choose. Here we list out Top 5 manufacturers of PCB assembly UK with great reputations and awareness.

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1/ PCB Train - http://www.pcbtrain.co.uk/

PCB Train is one of the top circuit assembly companies in the UK, with over 50 years experience assembling and supplying circuit boards. We provide a fast turnaround PCB circuit assembly service where we assemble your order and despatch is 3 days after receipt of PCB's and components. Our circuit assembling prices are fully inclusive of all tooling costs, including solder paste stencils.Get prices for a variety of quantities and deliveries using our online PCB assembly quote calculator. PCB Train are one of the few UK companies who offer bare PCB fabrication, kitting, component assembly and solder paste stencil cutting.

2/ Cleveland Circuits - http://www.pcb.co.uk/

Cleveland Circuits was established in 1971 to meet internal Group Company demand for high quality and quick delivery printed circuit boards. Additional demand from other UK manufacturers led to relocation to a large purpose built PCB factory in North Yorkshire. Today Cleveland Circuits is one of very few UK PCB manufacturers who also offer a turnkey PCB manufacture, assembly and test service from under one roof.  You can now specify the level of printed circuit board you require from a bare PCB to a fully assembled PCB.  This additional service option provides added economic and control advantages by removing the multi-contract, purchasing and shipping costs a populated printed circuit board usually requires.

3/ Express Circuits Group - http://www.express-circuits.co.uk/

Express Circuits Group is a group of companies based in the UK. It produces manufactured prototype pcb & pre production pcbs from CAD Design Layout, through PCB manufacture to the fully assembled product. As a dynamic player in the electronics industry, with a reputation for innovative, dependable PCB manufacturing solutions, we ensure total customer satisfaction. Our experienced technical personnel through out the group specialise in producing quality complex prototype multilayer PCBs, Microvia PCBs, Blind & Buried Via Multilayer PCBs, Flex Rigid PCBs, Buried Resistor prototype multilayer PCBs and Heatsink Planes for PCBs, on a fast turnaround service.Their services include Prototype PCB assembly with a fast quote system, and assembly turnarounds from 24 hours. They provide High Tech capabilities, 01005s, Package on package, µBGA, and Rigid, Flexi or metal backed PCB assembly in the UK. You can also count on us for material procurement and kitting in-house.

4/ First Choice Assembly Ltd - http://www.firstchoiceassembly.co.uk/

First Choice Assembly Ltd offer a range of printed circuit board manufacturing services, from PCB assembly all the way through to finished PCB building and packing. Whether it is a prototype printed circuit board assembly or large volume PCB production we have the capacity and the knowledge to satisfy all of your printed circuit board production requirements. They now have three Yamaha surface mount PCB assembly machines and the latest automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment meaning we can assemble all of the latest PCB components and inspect the finished printed circuit board assembly, ensuring their customers get the quality of PCB they expect. First Choice are ISO EN 9001:2000 accredited, operating a quality management system that ensures consistently high quality printed circuit boards.

5/ Newbury Electronics - http://www.newburyelectronics.co.uk/

Newbury Electronics has its origins in 1956, when the business was established as a spin off from Newbury Engineering Limited, which had originally been formed by Major Ernest Lloyd, to undertake secondary machining on Zenith carburettors. As the business expanded during the course of the decade, additional CNC drilling, electrical test, and SMD placement machines were purchased. Tens of thousands of different types of pcb designs are manufactured for clients each year, many of which are also populated in-house. Their integrated quoting, buying, engineering and production control system to give us complete visibility and control over their PCB assembly and manufacturing processes. They heavily value flexibility. They’re able to manufacture many different products simultaneously due to our unique assembly setup. Of their 9 SMD placement machines, 3 are installed as high capacity automatic SMD placement lines and 6 as standalone machines.