Where is the outlet of PCB market in China?

2017-10-10 20:35:22 PCBBox 190


Under macroeconomic recession, China has involved inflection point. Same thing happened in PCB industry. Weak performance of global market, no outlet of transformation and heavy competition will become the last killers to take thousands of enterprises bankrupt.

Don't expect blue ocean of tranditional industry like PCB. The best outlet is to look at ourselves. Business concepts, manufacturing capabilities, customer satisfaction and strategies execution would be core competitiveness. No doubt that PCB industry will exist for hundreds of years. The No.1 enterprise of PCB industry will earn a lot of business. The best enterprise in segment PCB market will earn a lot of business. Transformation does not mean that we enter into a new and strange industry.

So from now on, stay calm comfortable. Focus on what a PCB enterprise should do.