Our PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

We are a one-stop PCB manufacturer and PCB assembler, providing some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient services applied in the industry: Full Spec PCBs, Small Quantity – Quick Turn PCBs, Custom Spec – Quick Turn PCBs, Highly Specialized Precision PCBs, & Large Scale Production. We expect to be a premier vendor of PCBs to the consumer electronics, control, medical/health care, musical instrument, military/defense, aerospace, communication and commercial industries.

Circuit Capabilities
MaterialFR-4Standard FR420 Layers
Isola FR40620 Layers
Halogen FreeIsola Green Speed20 Layers
Ventec VT-441, VT-44720 Layers
RoHSITEQ IT-180A20 Layers
Isola 185HR20 Layers
Isola 370HR20 Layers
Isola IS410(CAF Resistant)20 Layers
Isola IS408 and FR408HR20 Layers
Isola-TEAR MT20 Layers
Isola BT-IS62020 Layers
Nelco BT-N500020 Layers
Nelco 4000-2920 Layers
Nelco 4000-13 and 13SI20 Layers
Nelco 4000-13EP and EPSI20 Layers
Isola IS415(CAF Resistant)20 Layers
Polyimide20 Layers
Cyanate Ester20 Layers
RF MaterialsRogers 3000 SeriesMax.20 lyr. FR-4 w/RO3000 Caps
Rogers 4000 Series(4003 and 4350)20 Layers
Rogers 5870/58808 Layers
Taconic RF Materials2 Layers
Isola Astra MT20 Layers
Isola Tachyon20 Layers
Advanced RF MaterialsNelco 9000 Series (PTFE)2 Layers
Rogers 6000 Series4 Layers
Rogers 5000 Series2 Layers
Rogers Diclad 880, AD300A, Cuclad, 250&233, CTLE20 Layers
Arlon Genclad 280, LX250, GYN 2.17 Dk10 Layers
Expanded Materials Used For Signal Integrity, Advanced HDI, and/or Stacked MicroviasPanasonic Megtron 6Yes
Zeta Lam SEYes
3M ECM ( Embedded Capacitance Material)Yes
ROHACELLYes (12 layer)
Rogers 2929 BondplyYes
Arion 6700 and 6250 BondplyYes
Maximum Useable Panel AreaFor 12'' x 18'' Panel10'' x 16'' ***
For 18'' x 24'' Panel16.6'' x 22'' ***
For 18'' x 27'' Panel16" x 25" *
For 18'' x 32'' Panel16" x 30" *
For 18'' x 36'' Panel16" x 34" *
For 18'' x 42'' Panel16" x 40" *
For 18'' x 54'' Panel16" x 52" *
For 21'' x 24'' Panel19" x 22" *
For 21'' x 60'' Panel18" x 58" *
For 24'' x 30'' Panel22" x 28" *
*Up to 8 Layers / ** Up to 12 Layers / ***Up to 20 Layers
Special Products/ Unique CapabilitiesHeavy CopperUp to 4 oz.
2Layers up to 37" x 96" Panel w/NPT'sAvailable
ROHACELL Foam BondingAvailable
Buried Chips and ResistorsAvailable
Resistance and Conductance Test EuquipmentAvailable
Stack-UpsOverall Thickness Range and TolerancesOverall Board Thickness0.010"-0.250"
Over Board Thickness Tolerances
< 0.020"Standard +/- 0.004"                   
Special +/- 0.003"  
0.031"Standard +/- 0.004"                  
Special +/- 0.003"  
0.062"Standard +/- 0.006"                   
Special +/- 0.004"  
0.093"Standard +/- 0.009"                   
Special +/- 0.006"  
0.125"Standard +/- 0.012"                   
Special +/- 0.009"  
0.187"Standard +/- 0.018"                   
Special +/- 0.014"  
0.250"Standard +/- 0.025"                   
Special +/- 0.018"  
Thinnest Dielectric FinishedThin Board Overall Thickness: 0.010" (2 Layer)                            
 0.015" (4 Layer)
Thinnest Plated Core0.004"

Mechanical Capabilities
Machining Drill CapabilitiesPrimary Drilled Hole Location Tolerance to Datum Zero (DTP)0.005"
2nd Drill Hole Location Tolerance  to Datum Zero (DTP)0.005"
Minimum Clearance from Copper Conductor to Mechanical Drilled Hole0.006"
Minimum Clearance from Copper Conductor to a Laser Drilled Hole0.004"
Plated Through Hole CapabilitiesSmallest Plated Through Hole Size with 0.001" Minimum Average Copper Requirement
Finished Panel Thickness < 0.020"0.003" Finished Hole
Finished Panel Thickness 0.031"0.003" Finished Hole
Finished Panel Thickness 0.062"0.004" Finished Hole
Finished Panel Thickness 0.093"0.008" Finished Hole
Finished Panel Thickness 0.125"0.010" Finished Hole
Finished Panel Thickness 0.187"0.012" Finished Hole
Finished Panel Thickness 0.250"0.018" Finished Hole (Excluding HAL Finish)
Plated Hole Size Tolerance+/- 0.003" Standard; Special +/- 0.002"
Plated Hole Size Press Fit Applications+/- 0.002" Typical
Aspect Ratio (with 0.010" Drill)18:1 (0.007" Finish in 0.130" Thick)
Plated Hole Spacing Minimum (Drilled Hole to Hole)0.008"
Non Plated Through HolesSmallest Non-Plated Hole Size0.006"
Largest Non-Plated Hole Size RoutedNo Limit
Non-Plated Routed Hole Tolerance+/- 0.005" Typical            +/- 0.003" Special
Minimum NPTH to Edge of Board Spacing0.010"
Blind/Burled Vias (Sequential Lamination)Minimum FINISHED Via Hole Diameter - Epoxy Filled0.008"
Maximum FINISHED Via Hole Diameter - Epoxy Filled0.02"
Maximum Aspect Ratio for Epoxy Filled Via Holes10:1
Available Epoxy Fill TypesConductive & Non-Conductive
HDI / Laser Microvia(μVia) CapabilitiesSmallest (as ablated) Laser Via0.003"
Largest (as ablated) Laser Via0.010"
Via Aspect Ratio (Depth to Diameter)0.75:1 Standard                                   
1:1 Advanced
Capture Pad SizeμVia +0.008" Std                                         μVia +0.006" Adv
Landing Pad SizeμVia +0.008" Std                                         μVia +0.006" Adv
Stacked ViaYes
Type I CapabilitiesYes
Type II CapabilitiesYes
Type III CapabilitiesDesign Dependent
Coper Filled MicroviaYes
Control Depth / Drill CapabilitiesBackdrill - PTH Stub RemovalPTH + 0.010" Diameter(Typical)
Minimum Backside Dielectric Separation0.005"
Minimum Back Drill Diameter0.014"
Drill Depth Tolerance0.005" Typical                                   
0.004" Minimum
Scoring CapabilitiesAnglesStandard 30° Avaliable 20°,45°, & 60°
Offset Tolerance+/-0.005"
Optimum Remaining Web ThicknessTypical Maximum 1/3 of thickness
Remaining Web Tolerance+/-0.005"
True Position Tolerance+/-0.005"
Edge Connector Bevel CapabilitiesFinger Tip Angle15°, 20°, 30°, 45°
Bevel Depth Tolerance+/-0.005"
Profile CapabilitiesStandard Routher Bit Diameter0.093", 0.062", 0.031" (Router Bits) Special 0.021"
Routed Profile Tolerance+/-0.005" Standard +/-0.004" Special
Minimum Internal Rout Radius0.015"
Minimum Routed PTH Slot Width0.022" Typical with 0.015" Minimum

Feature Size Capabilities
Internal Layer CapabilitiesMinimum Conductor Width and Spacing
Internal Starting Copper Weight 1/2 oz.0.00275" Line / 0.003" Space
Internal Starting Copper Weight 1 oz.0.00375" Line / 0.0045" Space
Internal Starting Copper Weight 2 oz.0.005" Line / 0.006" Space
Internal Starting Copper Weight 3 oz.0.009" Line / 0.011" Space
Internal Starting Copper Weight 4 oz.0.012" Line / 0.016" Space
External Layer CapabilitiesMinimum Conductor Width and Spacing
External Copper Finished Thickness 1.0 oz.0.00275" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 1.5 oz.0.004" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 2.0 oz.0.005" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 3.0 oz.0.009" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 4.0 oz.0.011" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 5.0 oz.0.020" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 6.0 oz.0.030" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 7.0 oz.0.045" Finished
External Copper Finished Thickness 8.0 oz.0.060" Finished
Pad Diameter to Drilled Hole SizeIPC-6012 Class 2Componet HolesDrilled Size Plus 0.010"
Via HolesDrilled Size Plus 0.008"
Pad Diameter to Drilled Hole SizeIPC-6012 Class 3/3AComponet HolesDrilled Size Plus 0.012"
Via HolesDrilled Size Plus 0.010"
Pad Diameter to Laser Ablated Hole SizeMinimumDrilled Size Plus 0.004"
StandardDrilled Size Plus 0.008"

Solder Mask and Legend
Solder MaskMin. LPI Solder Mask Clearance (Standard)0.002" / Side(Pad Size + 0.004")
Min. LPI Solder Mask Clearance ( LDI Imaged)1:1 (Design Dependent)
Pad Size Larger than NPTH0.005" / Side(Pad Size+ 0.010")
Web Between Surface Mount Pads0.004" Preferred, 0.003 Minimum (Green)
Solder Mask ColorsGreen, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, White, Orange, Purple, Pink, Brown, Clear, Matte Green&Matte Blck
Solder Mask TypeLiquid Photo Imageable

Laser Direct Imaging (Special)
Min. Mask Defined Pad Diameter0.005"
Solder Mask Plugged ViasYes
LegendPrinted Legend Minimum Stroke/Width0.005"
LPI Legend CapabilityYes
LPI Legend Minimum Stroke/Width0.002"
Screened / LPI Legend ColorsWhite, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue
Serialization / Unique SerializationYes

Surface Finish Options
Surface Finish SelectionHot Air Solder Lever (Lead Free, Lead Based)Yes
Immersion SilverYes
Electroless Nickel Immersion GoldYes
Immersion TinYes(Outsource)
Fully Body GoldYes
Bondable GoldYes(Outsource)
Plated NickelYes
Electroless NickelYes
Hot Oil ReflowYes
Mixed FinishesHASL with Selective GoldYes
Dual Gold PlatingYes
Immersion Gold w/ Selective Hard Gold on FingersYes
Recessed FingersYes

Via-in-PadExpoxy Filled Thru Hole Cpability Yes
Expoxy Filled Thru Hole Minimum0.004"  FHS
Expoxy Filled Thru Hole Maximum0.020" FHS
Minimum Board Thickness0.020"
Maximum Board Thickness0.125"
Via Fill Aspect Ratio10:1
Conductive VIP OptionsYes
No-Conductive VIP OptionsYes
Testing CapabilitiesMinimum Test Continuty Resistance1Ohms
Maximum Test Voltage1000Volts
Maximum Test Isolated Resistance25Mohm-2Gohm
Largest Test - Fixtured16" x 22"
Largest Test - Flying Probe27" x 24"
Electrical test Pitch (Fixture Test)0.020"
Electrical test Pitch (Flying Probe Test)0.004"
DC Line Resistance TestingYes
Electrical PerformanceTDR Test Tolerance (Print and Etch)Standard 10%, Advanced 5%
TDR Test Tolerance (Plated Copper)Standard 10%, Advanced 5%
TDR Test Tolerance Differential MeasurementsStandard 10%, Advanced 5%
TDR Tolerance Single Ended TolerenceStandard 10%, Advanced 5%
HiPot Testing (AC & DC)Yes

For any manufacturing capability not indicated in the above table, you can contact us for more details.