Electronic design becomes small-sized gradually, which has brought a challenge to the manufacturing capabilities and engineering process, particularly for portable devices such as smartphone, wearable watch, laptop, 4G module, digital camera, medical instrument etc. High density integration (HDI) enables to make design in high compaction and meet higher requirements of performance and efficiency. PCBBox is managing HDI PCB manufacturing for years with approved certificates such as RoHS, UL, TS16949, CE.

Basic Manufacturing Capabilities of HDI PCBs:

Type: HDI PCBMin. Trace: 0.05mmCertificates: RoHS, ISO, UL, TS16949
Base Material: FR-4Min. Space: 0.05mmPCB Size: customized, 450mm * 500mm
Copper Thickness: 0.5oz, 1oz, 2ozSurface Finish: HASL, ENIG, OSPPacking: vacuum packing
Board Thickness: 0.8-4.0mmSolder Mask: green, black, blueDelievery Time: 5-7 days
Min. Hole Size: 0.2mmSilk Screen: whiteBlind & buried vias
20 µm circuit geometries30 µm dielectric layersVia-in-pad
50 µm laser vias125 µm bump pitch processingThrough vias from surface to surface

Benefits of HDI PCB manufacturing with PCBBox:

  • Shorter lead time of HDI PCB manufacturing and enhanced facilities performance for BGA, PLCC, QFN soldering.

  • Ultra thin cores, fine line geometries and alternative via methods for improved thermal transfer for thermal PCBs.

  • In compliance with 20um circuit geometries, 30um dielectric layers, 50um laser vias and 125um bump pitch processing.

  • Allows reducing the lead times by combining the manufacturing capabilities with a profound understanding of high speed digital and high frequency RF package requirements.

  • Increases the area for PCB designer to place electronical components and also enhances faster signal transmission and reduced signal loss.