PCB Assembly

Due to its complexity, BGA is highly concerned in process of PCB assembly. Through common inspections such as eyesight, AOI, it is hard to find defectives of BGA assembly, particularly for small pitch less than 0.4mm. At PCBBox, you won't care about it anymore. We have most advanced SMT mounter, which can support min. component package down to 01005 (0.01" x 0.005"). Automatic solder paste printer ensures conformity and quality of solder paste onto PCB pads. Subsequently, SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) checks effects of solder paste. Significantly, x-ray station checkes soldering effects of all BGAs after assembly.

Capabilities of BGA Assembly

Min. Pitch of BGAsdown to 0.4mm
BGA Baking Before AssemblyYes
Automatic Solder Paste PrinterYes
Solder Paste InspectionYes
Advanced SMT Mounterdown to 01005 (0.01" x 0.005")
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)Yes
Reflow Oven16 temperature zones
X-ray StationYes
BGA Rework/ReballingYes
Electrical Test Before DeliveryYes
Careful Package During TransportationYes
Available PCB Typerigid, flexible (FPC)
Max. PCB panel for assembly480mm*600mm