PCB Assembly

PCBBox Low Volume PCB Assembly (LVPA) is a featured service for startups and student programs. No MOQ, same quality and lead time. Why PCBBox offers the low volume PCB assembly is to pursuit future growth in strategic perspectives. We would like to evaluate the project background at the very beginning of cooperation. As long as LVPA level reaches A (3 levels in total), all engineering costs of PCB and assembly would be reduced to FREE.

Capabilities of our LVPA services

Quick Turn: 3-7 days (depending on lead time of components)

100% electrical test before delivery

Components procurement only from manufacturer or general agent

Supporting SMD components down to 0.4mm BGA, 0201 package

Free DFM (design for manufacturability) checks

Reliable logistics partners to anywhere

To start LVPA, you have to send basic project background, PCB gerbers and BOM to sales@pcbbox.com, then you will get an instant quote.