PCB Assembly

Protoype PCB assembly is generally hard to be well served in electronic manufacturing market, particularly for global sourcing. The main reasons are small quantities, first-time production and low costs target from customer. Nevertheless, PCBBox has been changing it for many years. We have systemic and optimized work flows to comply with prototype PCB assembly requirements. PCBBox set up an assembly line, which exclusively serves for prototype order.

Capabilities to fulfill your prototype PCB assembly order:

Quick Turn: 3-7 days (depending on lead time of components)

100% electrical test before delivery

Components procurement only from manufacturer or general agent

Supporting SMD components down to 0.4mm BGA, 0201 package

Free DFM (design for manufacturability) checks

Reliable logistics partners to anywhere

Costs of prototype PCB assembly

Regarding prototype PCB assembly order, we will find out cost of every single component from public platform such as Digikey for reference, which will display with 60%-90% discount in signed contract. Regarding PCB, it is easy to calculate its cost on basis of following public table.

LayersCost/Square MetersEngineering Cost

Additionally, we would like to add engineering cost of PCB production. For example, your 2 layers PCB size is 15cm * 12cm and you want to make 10pcs. The PCB costs would be 0.15*0.12*80*10+55=$69.4 USD. The engineering cost of PCB assembly would be $225-$600 USD according to different complexity of PCB design and package of components.

Our business concept of prototype PCB assembly is to gain good impression and trust from our customer, and ZERO profit will be added into our quotation. PCBBox hopefully build good relationship with you by outstanding services of our prototype PCB assembly.