PCB Assembly

PCBBox offers PCB assembly services to meet your one-stop manufacturing requirements. As an EMS expert, PCBBox have advanced capabilities of SMD & through hole assembly (also including flexible printed circuit board) with 7 assembly lines. The accurancy could be down to 0201 chips and 0.25mm pitch for BGA. Samsung & Fuji SMT mounters well manage high-end requirements of PCB assembly, whatever in relation to mil-spec, network, communication, health care, medical, musical instrument application.

pcb assembly

Our manufacturing capabilities of PCB assembly

7 SMT production linesSenju (lead-free), Loctite(lead-free)
4 through hole soldering linesSMT Component:
3 box build linesCut Tape/Partial Reel/Full Reel/Tube/Tray
In circuit testSupported Part Specs:
Function testDouble Sided SMT
Samsung & Fuji advanced SMT mountersSMT sizes: 0201 or larger
Auto solder paste screen printerFine pitch: 16 mil (.4 mm) or greater
Reflow ovens with 16 zonesBGA pitch: 16 mil (.4 mm) or greater
Inspection:BGA Ball count: Up to 1932Call for larger parts
Class II standard in compliance with IPC-A-610EMax size: 2.2 in. X 2.2 in. X .06 in.
Visual (IQC, IPQC, OQA)QFN,PLCC Available
Automated optical (AOI)Supported PC Board Specs:
X-rayMin size: .75 in. X .75 in.
ITAR compliance availableMax size: 16.5 in. X 19.5 in.
Supported file formats:Min thickness: 16 mil
Txt, ODB++, CAD ASCII, IPC-2581Max thickness: 240 mil
BOM: .xls, .csv, .xlsxLayer Count: Up to 20 layers
Gerber (RS-274X)Finishes: HASL, ENIG, OSP etc.
Centroid (XY, Pick-n-Place)Material: Rigid, FR-4, Flex, Rigid Flex, Aluminum, Carbon Ink
Solder:Copper Thickness: < 10 oz.
No-Clean Flux is standard
Lead-Free (RoHS)

PCB Assembly Machines

Auto Screen Printer of Solder PasteFuji High Speed SMT MachineAOI (Auto Optical Inspection)
Making solder paste leak onto the correct PCB pad through the stencil via.Picking components from stack station onto PCB pad.Checking if components are on right position and direction.

Reflow OvenWave SolderingIn Circuit Test
Soldering the components on PCB pads after melt and cooling.Soldering the components that can’t be assemblied by SMT machineCheck all circuits are conductive.

According to performance in past years, the pass rate was over 99.9%. Our team of incoming material quality control, in-process control and outgoing quality assurance will carefully inspect raw materials and your boards. Our engineering team will raise new production introduction (NPI) meeting to discuss about assembly manufacturing process once we get your order.

How to get quote of PCB assembly from us?

You only have to send gerbers, BOM (Bill of Materials), quantities to email: sales@pcbbox.com, which generally takes 1-3 days.

Why choose our PCB assembly services?

  • 8-years experience of PCB assembly for customers from USA, UK, Japan, Germany etc.

  • Refined quality controls to ensure 99.9% pass rate

  • Sincere and responsive services