PCB Services

PCBBox fully strives to be your best PCB manufacturer based in China, with lower cost, high quality and flexible options. Our huge mass production factory has monthly capacity of 75,000 square meters with advanced facilities and skillful workers. Your quick turn request of 1-20 layers standard & custom PCBs will be well managed by our oustanding PCB services.

pcb manufacturing

We follow high quality PCB manufacturing workflows to comply with needs of customers, who come from a large variety of industries and business segments, such as semiconductor, solar power, enterprise computing, networking, musical instrument, telecommunications, wireless markets, medical and biological, industrial and embedded systems, network storage, automotive electronics, digital toys, laboratory instruments, etc. That is why you can rely on our PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services. Significantly, our global customers have deep impressions of our services: quick response, reasonable price level, top customer perspectives and quality commitments.

PCB Capabilities

Maximum Layers20
Maximum Copper Weight4oz
Board Thickness0.2mm – 4mm
Smallest Hole Size0.005”
Via Aspect Ratio (Depth to Diameter)0.75:1
Smallest Tracing and Spacing3 mil
Surface FinishHASL, ENIG, OSP, Gold finger, Electrogilding
AdvancedHDI, Impedance Control, Blind & Buried
Smallest Chip for Assembly201
Smallest BGA pitch0.25mm
Maximum Board Size for Assembly470mm * 550mm

We are on the road of enhancing our PCB manufacturing capabilities by importing advanced machines and refining internal engineering processes. Here are brief introduction of our manufacturing capabilities.