PCB Services

5 days for standard 4 layers PCB complies with the increasing needs of customers. PCBBox optimized internal workflow and equipped advanced facilities to realize quick turn of 4 layers PCB orders. With rapid development of compact electronics, many PCBs are in 4 layers. We fully noticed this trend and started to offer this 5 days quick turn services to global customers.

pcb test fixture

Standard PCB Specifications

Copper Weight1oz
Surface FinishHASL
Solder MaskGreen
StandardIPC Class 2 - A600
Min. Hole Size0.010"
Hole Tolerance+/- 0.005"

Comparing to manufacturing process of 2 layers PCB, there are only few additional steps such as laminating, exposure etc. So after rebuilding our internal systems, we can also deal with 5 days manufacturing for standard 4 layers.