PCB Services

Our advanced PCB quote online calculator makes you easily get a reference of your costs. No need to wait for hours and days to get PCB quote any more. This calculator is only for standard PCB specifications, such as FR-4, 1.6mm laminate thickness, 1oz copper weight, HASL surface finish, green solder mask, track/space 5+/5+mil, IPC Class 2 - A600, Min. Hole Size 0.010", Hole Tolerance +/- 0.005" etc.


Now the automatic calculator of PCB quote is under development and will be launched soon later. Thanks for your concern. During the interim, you can get quote by email to sales@pcbbox.com.

To get quote of custom PCBs, you have to send us gerber and quantities through email: sales@pcbbox.com. It takes only less than 2 hours generally.