PCB Services

Same day service for standard 2 layers PCB is built for customers who have urgent needs to produce PCB. With little surcharge and same quality, your lead time will be shortened obviously. Only $30-$80 USD additional charge will be added. If you want to expedite your project and verify PCB functions fast, our same day service would be one of your best choices.

pcb flying probe test

Standard PCB Specifications

Copper Weight1oz
Surface FinishHASL
Solder MaskGreen
StandardIPC Class 2 - A600
Min. Hole Size0.010"
Hole Tolerance+/- 0.005"

Why we can manage same day PCB manufacturing for standard 2 layers?

With big flexibility, our PCB factory has exclusive production line for quick turn needs. PCBs with same specs will be panelized by our internal system, so the overall efficiency are highly improved. But this mode has its weakness, because any difference of PCB specs will possibly impact the quality. So same day PCB manufacturing is only for standard boards, which are mostly not endured eletrical test. In general, customers should accept of defective boards with a little bit high rate, such as 2%.